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Microsoft: Microsoft has 3 tips for the digital safety of children

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Microsoft recently announced the Family Safety app to help parents keep track of and stay up to date on their kids’ digital habits and safety. The tech giant has some tips for children’s digital safety as they learn and play from home on smart gadgets.
Build schedules for healthy digital habits with the help of time limit feature
Having arguments and negotiations with your children on screen time? The time limit feature lets you set controls on your children’s devices, allowing you to choose how much time your child has each day and when they can use the device, says Microsoft.
Set healthy boundaries
Parents can monitor inappropriate content, suspicious text messages and block harmful websites their children might visit unknowingly and even record their conversations. Microsoft claims that the feature is specially designed to protect children from cyber-bullying and works in a tight concert with the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows, Xbox, and Android. Microsoft has also added a new feature to block or unblock specific apps.
Note activity reports
With the help of activity reports, parents can keep a lookout on where the child is spending more time and on which device to make required changes to their usage, claims the company. Weekly activity reports can be viewed on the Family Safety app across all apps, games and devices. Moreover, your kids can ask for more time to browse, play games etc. and you can decide accordingly based on the weekly activity report, adds the company.

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