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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Microsoft Teams will stop working for millions of users today

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Microsoft Teams has gained wide popularity across the globe for its seamless video calling experience. The video calling platform can be used on the desktop as well as mobile phones. The company has now announced to end Teams support for Internet Explorer 11 users with the aim to move them to Edge. The company announced ending Teams support on Explorer 11 earlier this year. “Beginning November 30, 2020, the Microsoft Teams web app will no longer support IE 11,” Microsoft noted in an official blog post earlier this year. Also Read – Microsoft Xbox gaming app coming to your smart TV next year

Starting today, November 30, Microsoft Teams is going to stop working on Internet Explorer 11. If you have been using Teams on Internet Explorer it is time for you to switch to Microsoft Edge to be able to use the platform on the browser or download the app on your mobile phone. Also Read – Tesla chief Elon Musk is now 2nd richest in world, surpasses Microsoft’s Bill Gates

Microsoft announced ending support for Teams on Internet Explorer earlier this year through a blog post. The company has also announced that to end support for Microsoft 365 services soon on Internet Explorer 11. The company stated in the blog post that Microsoft 365 will stop working on Internet Explorer starting August 17. Also Read – Microsoft partners with LG for Xbox Series X promotion

The company also said that the legacy version of Microsoft Edge will reach the end of support on March 9 next year. In the blog post the company stated, “Beginning August 17, 2021, the remaining Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support IE 11.”

“This means that after the above dates, customers will have a degraded experience or will be unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services on IE 11. For degraded experiences, new Microsoft 365 features will not be available or certain features may cease to work when accessing the app or service via IE 11. While we know this change will be difficult for some customers, we believe that customers will get the most out of Microsoft 365 when using the new Microsoft Edge. We are committed to helping make this transition as smooth as possible,” the company stated.

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