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Friday, January 15, 2021

Microsoft Word on the Web gets transcribe feature: How to use

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Microsoft Word can now transcribe your previously recorded audio files or an ongoing conversation in real-time. However, this audio transcription feature is currently only available for the web version. It is available for all Microsoft 365 users and will come in handy for students, journalists, and entrepreneurs. The company has asserted that it will bring it to the Word for Android and iOS apps by the end of this year. Also Read – Google Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 live images, key specs leaked online

Currently, this feature only supports the English language and Microsoft is saying that it would add support for other languages in the coming future. You are allowed to upload a pre-recorded audio file and then transcribe the recording. But, the company is saying that at this time, you’re limited to five hours of transcription time per month. Each uploaded file is limited to 200MB. The Transcribe for Word feature is available to users using new Microsoft Edge or Chrome. Also Read – Five upcoming smartphones you should look forward to

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There is also a Google app called Live Transcribe on Play Store. This is a great app for live transcribing, but this one too only supports the English language. What you can do is translate the script in any other language in the same app, which is useful. While you don’t get an option to edit the script here, you can at least copy-paste it anywhere on the phone and edit it. If you want to understand how Microsoft’s new transcribe feature works, then read on to know more about it. Also Read – Fortnite players can still get the game from Samsung’s Galaxy Store after Apple, Google ban

How to use Microsoft Word transcribe feature

Step 1: Make sure you’re signed in to Microsoft 365, using the new Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

Step 2: Open Microsoft Word and go to Home > Dictate dropdown > Transcribe.

Step 3: Select Upload audio and choose an audio file from the file picker. Do note that the Transcribe feature currently supports .wav, .mp4, .m4a, .mp3 formats. Your work is done here, and don’t forget to keep the Transcribe pane open while the transcription is happening.

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