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Microsoft Xbox Series X could launch on November 6

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2020 has been overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic but it still has enough to keep gamers on their toes. Both Sony and Microsoft will launch the PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year. Microsoft has been building hype for the console since a long time and it has revealed a lot about the box. Even the launch timeline is scheduled for November 2020 but there’s no exact date yet. Thanks to leaks, we now know when to head for the stores. Also Read – Microsoft’s new budget console to be called Xbox Series S, said to launch this month

A recent report from The Verge hints we may see the Xbox Series X by November 6. The leaked date comes courtesy of a tipster who found retail units of the Series X controller in stores. The tipster shared photos of the embargo stickers asking not to show it before November 6. Further checking into the warranty details reveals a total coverage period of one year. Also Read – Xbox Series X Gameplay showcase reveals trailers of 22 games

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Do note that this date leak does not come from Microsoft officially and could be subject to changes. Hence, it could either be false or fake. Even if it is true, Microsoft could delay the launch due to COVID-19 related issues with supply chain. Some of the biggest tech releases (read iPhone 12) for this year are facing delays due to compromised supply chains and the Series X could also be a part of that club. Also Read – KFC makes a parody of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with the KFConsole announcement

The Xbox Series X is bringing massive upgrades over the current generation Xbox One X. apart from more firepower, the Series X will bring features such as Quick Resume, backward compatibility, DirectX ray tracing, 120fps gameplay and more. There will be a total of 100 games optimised for the Series X at launch in addition to the launch titles. Popular titles such as Forza Horizon 4 and Assasins Creed Valhalla will be prepped up for the Series X.

Xbox Series S leaks

Apart from the flagship Series X, Microsoft is also rumoured to be working on a cheaper Xbox Series S. This one is expected to succeed the ageing Xbox One S with upgraded hardware. One can also expect a few features borrowed from the Series X. In fact, the Series S could get the same processor as the Series X but with lesser RAM. Leaks have shown an updated controller with a new share button.

The leaked photo confirms the compatibility of the controller with both the Series X and Series S. Given that the controller is white, the Series S console could also come in white and retain the same design as the Series X. Rumours suggest Microsoft may reveal the Xbox Series S sometime during August 2020.

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