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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Momentum Botnet Attacks Linux Devices and Recruit them as Botnet

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Security researchers from Trend Micro observed a new malware activity targeting devices running the Linux platform, the malware samples found to be connected with Momentum Botnet.

The malware campaign targets to install a backdoor on the Linux platform that accepts commands from attackers server to conduct various types of DoS attacks against a given target.

Momentum Botnet Attack Campaign

The Momentum botnet targets the Linux platform running on various CPU architectures such as ARM, MIPS, Intel, Motorola 68020, and more. Mirai, Kaiten, and Bashlite are the backdoor variants distributed by the Momentum botnet.

The botnet exploits various vulnerabilities on the targeted router devices and web services to deploy and execute PowerShell scripts.

Momentum Botnet
Botnet servers

Once the botnet infects the device it modified run commands config file “rc” and adds them to command and control (C&C) server through internet relay chat (IRC) channel.

Then the infected device gets connected with the distribution server, it uses various commands to launch 36 different methods using the compromised devices.

Command Description
ACK ACK flooder
ADV-TCP TCP flooding – Improved SSYN Attack
BLACKNURSE An ICMP packet flooder
DNS DNS amplification flooder
ECE attacking (Not in use) Type of SYN flood
ESSYN ExecuteSpoofedSyn Flooder
FIN attacking (Not in use) FIN flood
FRAGACK ACK Fragmentation Flood
FRAG-TCP Spoofed TCP Fragmentation Flooder
GRE GRE flood
HOLD (Not in use) TCP connect flooder(frag)
JUNK TCP flooder (frag)
LDAP LDAP amplification flooder
MEMCACHE MEMCACHE amplification flooder
NSACK Type of ACK flood
NSSYN Type of SYN flooder
OVH Type of UDP flooding (DOMINATE)
PHATWONK Multiple attacks in one e.g. xmas, all flags set at once, usyn (urg syn), and any TCP flag combination.
RTCP A Random TCP Flooder Fragmented packet header
SACK Type of TCP flood
SEW Attack Type of SYN flood
SSYN2 Type of SYN flood
SYN SYN flooder
TCPNULL TCP-Nulled flooding – Flood with TCP packets with no flag set
UDP UDP flood
UDP-BYPASS A udp flooder (vulnMix)
URG attacking
VOLT-UDP Spoofed UDP Flooder, Can Bypass most firewall
VSE Valve Source Engine Amplification
XMAS TCP Xmas flood

Researchers observed that with MEMCACHE, LDAP, DNS, and Valve Source Engine, the malware attack typically spoofs the source IP address to publicly accessible servers.

The botnet is also capable of “opening a proxy on a port on a specified IP, changing the nick of the client, disabling or enabling packeting from the client, and more.”

With LDAP DDoS reflection, Memcache attack the botnet spoofs the source IP address and with UDP-BYPASS attack targets the host by constructing and unloading a legitimate UDP payload on a specific port.

The Momentum botnet includes other capabilities such as Fast flux, Backdoor and Propagate to spread and compromise devices.

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