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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Mozilla extends deal for Google Search on Firefox

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Few days back, Mozilla reported its ailing situation, forcing them to lay off over 250 people. The pandemic has been brutal on companies across the globe, and the Firefox developer is no different. Add to that, the web browser market is dominated by Google Chrome. All this has made matters worse for Mozilla. But guess what, Google has seemingly come to its rescue this week. Also Read – Mozilla launches VPN service in 6 countries for mobile and PCs

Both the companies have agreed to extend deal which allows Google to be the default search engine on Firefox. The deal extension lasts for another three years, allowing Mozilla to ease its financial situation. Having said that, Mozilla will only confirm the deal in November this year. Also Read – Microsoft Edge beats Mozilla Firefox to become second most popular browser: NetMarketShare

The report from ZDNet pointed out, Mozilla stands to make close to $400 million per year from this deal. But it is mentioned that company’s lay off plans have nothing to do with its financial situation. Instead, it will use the deal to expand its base and offer more products. The Firefox maker has relied on unconventional methods to survive in the industry. While Google Chrome continues to thrive on the ads model, Mozilla has kept its web browser more tuned towards privacy of users. Also Read – Mozilla Firefox update will reduce power drain by a factor of three on macOS

They have constantly looked to add new set of features, allowing VPN services through its browser. All these make the browser extremely popular among the privacy enthusiasts. But the model is unlikely to keep them running. Which is why Mozilla has come up with new privacy-centric subscription offerings.

Mozilla launches VPN service for mobile users

Mozilla has launched its virtual private network (VPN) service for PC and mobile users. The company was testing the service in beta mode for quite some time. But now it has decided to roll out for users in countries like US, UK, Canada and more. It is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS for now.

But to access the VPN feature from Mozilla you have to pay $4.99 (Rs 374 approx) every month. And since you’re paying to use the VPN, Mozilla is offering multiple advantages over its competition. It says the service offers device-level encryption, no restriction on bandwidth, no tracking of your web activity and you can connect up to five devices with one account. In addition to this, Mozilla says the VPN lets you anonymously connect to over 280-plus servers from 30+ countries.

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