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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Mozilla Firefox New Android App Brings Desktop Features

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Users will be able to use features which are popular with users on the desktop version in the latest update released by Mozilla Firefox for its Android app.

One such feature, according to the article, is the Dark mode, which wasn’t available for Android on Firefox before. Mozilla has also moved the URL bar to the bottom of the screen in the latest Firefox for Android.

Another feature which was introduced to the Android app is improved tracking security. This feature will shield users from trackers trying to exploit their browsing data. So, if you want additional privacy and security when browsing the Web, allow tracking protection.

Another new functionality that users can enjoy on the latest Android app is picture-in-picture support for videos too. Android 8.0 enables image-in-picture (PIP) mode to start activities.

PIP is a special form of multi-window mode used mainly for playback of images. It lets the user watch a video pinned to a corner of the device in a small window when switching between apps or browsing content on the main screen.

The new Android Firefox is officially available for download in Europe, with release for North America to follow on August 27. Thus people in other parts of the world must wait to test out the latest features in Firefox.

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