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Next Stop Nowhere and Game of Thrones are the two new games added to Apple Arcade this month

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Apple keeps on adding new titles to Arcade, its online gaming platform almost every week. We are in the third …Read More

Apple keeps on adding new titles to Arcade, its online gaming platform almost every week. We are in the third week of August and till now, the tech giant has added two new games — Next Stop Nowhere and Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows to the platform. Here are the details.
Next Stop Nowhere
Next Stop Nowhere is a road trip adventure game designed in a colourful world. The game features a cutthroat vision of outer space and players in the game play as Beckett, a simple person living a simple life until a former bounty hunter named Serra throws him into an adventure which he might not survive.
Other characters who happen to be allies fly across the galaxy to save Serra’s son Eddy from gangsters, bounty hunters and others.
Features as per App Store listing page
* An intelligent conversation system with branching dialogue that changes your relationships and the story based on every decision
* A spaceship that comes fully equipped with his own personality
* A completely unique version of space (the outer reaches of a dilapidated galaxy) filled with colorful skies, treacherous asteroids and a several orbits to explore
* A thrilling and thoughtful narrative brought to life by a vibrant cast of voice actors
* Cross-device play through Apple Arcade
Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows
Developed by the developer behind the popular title Cricket Through the Ages, Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows is a game placed eight thousand years before Jon Snow took the Black, the Night’s Watch was formed to secure the Wall and defend the border of Westeros against the perils of the North, and all that lies beyond. In the game, players are supposed to guide the division of Lord Commanders.
Features as per the App Store listing
A narrative idle game based in the Game of Thrones universe where time passes in the game world, even in your absence.
– Send expeditions from Castle Black beyond the Wall and into the far North.
– Expeditions will continue to explore even when the game is closed.
– Turn notifications on to learn when something happens, or come back whenever you want. The game will wait for you.
– Encounter unknown dangers, face enemies old and new and make new allies.
– Make decisions that will form Legends and shape the history of the Night’s Watch!

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