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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Nokia N95 prototype with slider loudspeaker revealed

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Remember the Nokia N95? Yes, the smartphone that came just before the iPhone era began? Recently, YouTube content creator Michael Fisher, popularly known as Mr.Mobile, did an episode of “When phones were fun” and features the old N95, bathing us in its nostalgia. During the video, Michael also gave us a good glimpse of a new Nokia prototype device that never went into production. It’s called the Nokia N95 reboot concept. Also Read – Nokia N95 स्मार्टफोन का प्रोटोटाइप आया सामने, देखिए कैसा हो सकता है फोन का डिजाइन

The new N95 shown in the video caught everyone’s attention, although not for the good reasons. The original phone looks exciting even today but the reboot is essentially the same form factor as a modern-day Nokia smartphone. It was probably meant to launch in the previous years of sliding phones, given its sliding mechanism. Also Read – Nokia C1 Plus coming soon: Here are all leaked specifications

Nokia N95 reboot concept: What did it promise?

Unlike the original N95, the reboot concept tries to infuse some of the magic of the predecessor with the perks of the modern-day smartphone. The new N95 looks like any of Nokia’s existing affordable Android smartphones, complete with a thick chin and narrow bezel display. The rear holds a triple camera setup arranged in the same circular pattern as the currency rop of Nokia phones. Also Read – Nokia 6300 और Nokia 8000 4G के मुख्य स्पेसिफिकेशन्स आए सामने, ऐसा होगा फोन

However, the N95 concept’s party piece is the slider function. The phone has a slide-out panel holding a loudspeaker as well as a set of front-facing cameras. The slide-out module held a wide-angle camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, and an LED flash. This resembled the slide-out media panel from the original N95. Nokia in its illustrations said this allowed the phone to be used as a smart speaker.

Does that mean the N95 reboot had a highly powerful speaker setup? Given the emphasis on the speaker bit, we assume this was supposed to be HMD Global’s full-on media phone. The media-centric focus is also evident with the camera-ring kickstand – a unique design element that we feel more smartphones should feature.

While this one was built for real, Nokia was experimenting with different kinds of slide-out designs. Nokia’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas has shared an illustration showcasing all the various kinds of slide-out designs. One of them included an angular mechanical slide-out design, which Sarvikas says has very “wild mechanics” in play.

Nokia does not mention the reason why it never went into commercial production. However, given the highly competitive market scenarios, the N95 reboot did not feel like a revolution similar to the original. After all, it still features a capacitive fingerprint sensor mounted at the rear. That said, the N95 reboot is unique as a concept and it only gives us hopes of Nokia coming back with phones that are fun to use.

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