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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Oncam launches C12 indoor and C12 outdoor plus 360-degree camera

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Technology brand Oncam has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of C-series cameras in India. The company has launched C12 indoor and C12 Outdoor Plus 360-degree cameras. The duo comes with a 12MP sensor and is powered by Qualcomm chipset.
Oncam C12 cameras can be used to stream 55fps video at full resolution. It is capable of offering frame rate up to 30 fps on the primary stream even with up to three other streams running. The camera features image quality of 25 fps with TrueDetail HDR.
The cameras are equipped with real-time adaptive video encoder enhancement technology applied to both H.264 and H.265. StreamLite reduces bandwidth and storage space required by more than 50% and in scenes with no motion, it can minimize the encoded stream by more than 90% with minimal impact on the final image quality. “Integrated VMS/NVR partners have access to StreamLite+, and they can achieve an additional 20% compression,” says the company.
Oncam’s ColorMap compression technology, on the other hand, is said to reduce bandwidth and storage with no perceptible impact on image quality. The TrueDetail HDR feature allows both dark and light areas within the same image to be visible and can capture two frames concurrently, and by minimizing the time lag between short and long exposures. Another feature that the cameras come with is the Advanced Light Management Technology that is said to manage the available light to achieve the best results in every corner of every 360-degree scene.

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