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OnePlus 8T gets dual batteries, teardown video confirms

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OnePlus launched the 8T smartphone few days back. This is the mid-year flagship refresh from the company. However, this year we did not see the T Pro upgrade. The phone picks up the pieces from the 8 Pro version, with support for 120Hz refresh rate display. But in order to keep the cost down, features like wireless charging and IP rating go amiss. And a new video teardown video highlights the internal changes made by the company to get some unique results. Also Read – OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Special Edition announced

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The 8T is the first OnePlus phone to support 65W charging via its Warp Charge technology. But it was intriguing to see that OnePlus has packed two batteries together in order to get effective fast charging results. From a distance, it looks like the 8T has a single battery unit. But the video clearly shows us a crease in the middle, which was used to join to separate units. In the video, the presenter says, most phone batteries don’t charge beyond 3oW. So maybe OnePlus had to improvise to make sure the 8T gets 65W fast charging support. Also Read – OnePlus set to launch a watch soon, company confirms: Check details

The teardown also gives us clear indication about the phone’s lack of waterproofing. Which explain the lack of IP rating for the 8T. In addition to this, the phone comes equipped with a copper cooling system. This will probably make sure that charging at 65W speed takes place with effective thermal management. Which ensures long battery life cycle and health of the device overall.

OnePlus 7 and 7T series Android 11 update to come by December 2020

OnePlus is releasing the Android 11 update for 7 and 7 T users by the end of 2020. A OnePlus spokesperson has confirmed to Android Authority about the release timeline for the Android 11 update on the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7T series. Contrary to the rumors, OnePlus is aiming to start releasing the update by December 2020. There’s no specific date for the rollout yet. Hence, it could be the last few weeks of December for the first batches to start getting the update.

Nonetheless, for a year-old flagship, getting the Android 11 update just around the New Year is a great deal. Sadly, buyers of the Nord are yet to get any clarity on their due. OnePlus is yet to announce any rollout period or timeline for the Android 11 rollout on the OnePlus Nord. Given that the Nord is the more affordable lineup, the brand could take a lot of time to deliver these updates.

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