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Saturday, January 23, 2021

OnePlus Charging Stations feature rolling out for OnePlus 7 and newer

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Do you know about Tesla and its Supercharger stations? The concept is simple: your Tesla car will notify you of fast charging points near your location and you can fill up the battery quickly. It seems that OnePlus has borrowed the concept for its smartphone users with the Charging Stations feature. OnePlus users will now be able to travel via airports without worrying about low battery situations. Also Read – OnePlus 9 Pro: We already have the first look at the next OnePlus

The feature is called Charging Stations and will be compatible with recent OnePlus devices. OnePlus will now install fast charging stations in airports across the country for OnePlus users. These stations will smartly connect with the user’s OnePlus device and help them is quickly filling up the battery before boarding a flight. You will see the first charging station at Bengaluru airport. Also Read – Oxygen OS crowned the most preferred OS, OnePlus says there’s more to come

OnePlus Charging Station feature rolling out in India

The idea behind the Charging Stations feature is simple. If you are traveling via air in India and you have a OnePlus device, your phone will notify you of a OnePlus Charging Station nearby. The OnePlus Charging Station is essentially like a regular airport charging station but having the ability to output at 30W, something which OnePlus calls the Warp Charge 30. That’s not all for the Charging Stations feature though. Also Read – OnePlus Education Benefits Programme announced for Indian students, teachers

OnePlus is trying to create an ecosystem of its services with the Charging Stations feature. Once you are closer to a Charging Station, the station has a beacon that will notify your OnePlus device of its presence. Your OnePlus phone will get a notification that will tell you the location of the Charging Station in the airport. You can then track the location of the station from your device.

Once you head there, the Charging Station will present you with the option of plugging your OnePlus Charging Cable via a myriad of Warp Charge 30-enabled USB ports. The station will also offer the conventional 3-point socket for plugging in your normal charger.

Currently, the first OnePlus Charging station has been installed at the Bengaluru airport for now. OnePlus says on its forum that the next Charging Station will be installed in New Delhi airport. Eventually, the project will expand to more airports across India. Users need to carry the OnePlus red charging cable in order to avail the fast charging speeds.

For users of the OnePlus 8T, who are accustomed to the 65W fast charging system, they will be able to avail the 30W charging speeds from the Charging Stations. It remains to be seen whether OnePlus increases the output of these stations in the future.

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