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Oppo, Xiaomi exceed Samsung with better after-sales service

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One of the key deciding factors for customers while buying smartphones is after-sales service. For years, Samsung has been leading this area with a robust set of after-sales service stations across the country. However, in a recent study from Counterpoint Research, it is found that Oppo is the brand with the highest customer satisfaction when it comes to after-sales service. The company edges out Xiaomi, Vivo, and Samsung when it comes to customer satisfaction. Also Read – Samsung working on Apple-like smart object tracker called Galaxy Smart Tag: Report

In its report titled “Customers in India Spend Average INR 2,400 ($32) on Servicing of Out-of-Warranty Smartphones”, Counterpoint’s study mentions that Oppo tops the chart in the after-sales service department. “Oppo was the No. 1 brand in customer satisfaction for after-sales service with 93percent of the respondents rating their experience “very good” or “excellent”, followed by Vivo (85 percent), Xiaomi (81 percent) and Samsung (81 percent),”
says the report. Also Read – This is the Realme Race smartphone with Snapdragon 888

The Chinese giant was also crowned the fastest in after-sales service turnaround. Both Oppo and Realme are closely tied for their turnaround time, as the report says that 73 percent and 72 percent of the respondents “received their device on the same day from Oppo and Realme respectively.” Viivo came in at third position with a turnaround satisfaction of 68 percent. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi 11 confirmed with Snapdragon 888, no tech specifications revealed yet

That’s not all. Oppo is also ahead when it comes to the lowest waiting times. “About half of the respondents were attended within 15 minutes of arrival at the Oppo service center. Realme, Samsung, and Xiaomi closely followed Oppo on this parameter. Oppo maintained its spare parts better than its competitors. Also, almost all the respondents among Oppo users received their device after full resolution of the current issue,” says the report.

Xiaomi tops explanation of the problem to customers

While Oppo dominates most of the parameters in after-sales service, it is Xiaomi that topped the charts in “explanation of the problem”. “Xiaomi was rated highest on ‘explanation of the problem’ as well as solution. It was slightly ahead in ‘knowledge and soft skills’ of the customer support executives compared to other leading brands,” says the report.

Xiaomi also came up on top when it comes to preventing visits to the customer service centers. The report says that Xiaomi’s large online community was able to solve most of the software related issues, thereby preventing the need to visit the customer care. Additionally, Xiaomi and Oppo customers reported the least number of instances of having visited a service center earlier with the same problem.

Most customers spend an average of Rs 2,400 on smartphone repairs in India. The most common issues plaguing customers include battery charging issues, display issues, software (hanging) issues.

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