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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Photos clicked on Google Pixel phones will have this ‘special feature’

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Google Pixel phones are known for their great cameras. While most Android OEMs have shifted to multiple lenses, Google still continues to deliver far better photos with just a single lens in its Pixels phones. Now, in order to flaunt and differentiate itself, Google will introduce a new nomenclature for images clicked on Pixel phones using the Google Camera app.
If you notice, photos clicked on any smartphone or DSLR usually start with ‘IMG’ as the default file name. So, photos are usually named– IMG_file number_time stamp– by default. Now, Google wants to reserve ‘PXL‘ instead of ‘IMG‘ for photos clicked on Pixel phones. With the Google Camera app version 7.5, which is now there on Android 11 beta release, you will see file names appear as PXL_time stamp_file number, as per a report by Android Police.
The moment your Google Pixel device receives the Android 11 update, the default image file name will change automatically from IMG to PXL. Now, this can create some problems for Pixel users while sorting images on external hard drives or any other cloud service provider.
Google has plans to roll out a similar change for video files as well. But for now, if you see a file name start with PXL, you should be able to tell that it’s clicked on a Google Pixel phone.
Meanwhile, Google will not allow users to select and use third party-camera apps while taking photos and recording videos on another app. So, if you have to use the camera to click a photo white using a dating app then you will have to opt for the default Google camera app and cannot use a third-party app to click and upload. This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use third-party camera apps at all. You can always use them to click photos and upload it from the gallery while using another app.

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