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Friday, January 22, 2021

PUBG MOBILE addiction claims life of 16-year-old player

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PUBG MOBILE and its addiction aren’t alien to us. Ever since the game rolled out for Android phones, several reports affecting the health of players due to higher addiction have crept up. Many young players have lost their lives while some others have suffered through a different form of damage. The latest incident to join this list of PUBG MOBILE cases is the death of a 16-year-old due to chronic addiction of the game. Also Read – PUBG PC Update 8.2 live on test server with MG3 LMG, Decoy Grenade

A recent report from The Hindu states that a 16-year-old from Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district has lost his life due to PUBG MOBILE’s addiction. The boy used to stay in his home due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and spent most of his time in the game. Apparently, he stopped taking food and water, after which he fell sick. His family took him to the nearest hospital but he succumbed to Diarrhoea while undergoing treatment. Also Read – PUBG Mobile: Here’s all you need to know about the new Gun Game mode

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This adds to the long list of young players who have lost their lives due to the game’s addiction. PUBG MOBILE is free to download and play for everyone using an Android or iOS smartphone. Most young players usually get addicted to the game for its console-like gameplay experience and in-game rewards. The game also allows multiplayer matches with friends on Facebook. Also Read – PUBG Mobile: Erangel 2.0 map finally released in the beta version

Previous PUBG MOBILE addition cases

Previously, there were reports of a 25-year-old man succumbing to death after suffering a stroke. The player got so excited while playing that he suffered a stroke and died. In another report, a 17-year-old player ended up spending Rs 16 lakhs on in-game purchases in a month. The player kept on purchasing virtual currency to buy in-game items without keeping a tab on his expenses.

It is due to these reasons that authorities, as well as parents, end up requesting to ban the game often. PUBG MOBILE remains in the news for people requesting a ban for preventing addiction. The PUBG MOBILE team itself has come up with a simple way to curb playing time for invested players. The game now allows only three hours of gameplay on a particular day, with a warning after the first two hours.

Despite these cases, the game continues to get new features and gameplay enhancements for keeping players engaged. Recently, support for 90 fps gameplay was rolled out for players on OnePlus devices. The 90 fps support will eventually be coming to all other Android and iPhone devices in the coming weeks.

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