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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Report claims to reveal what Indians did on their smartphones during Covid-19

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If you were thinking that it was only you who has ended up spending more time on your smartphone doing the period of lockdown then you are not alone. As per the latest Mobile Industry Consumer Insights (MICI) survey, conducted by CyberMedia Research (CMR) and Tecno Mobile, there has been a spike of 120% in smartphone usage for productivity compared to pre-Covid levels.
The survey also claimed that during the pored of lockdown, which was from March 25-May 31, smartphone usage spiked by 50%, with smartphone usage for work surging by over 100%.
Apart from work, consumers spent increased time on their phone for consuming content, including video OTT (70%), audio OTT (60%), and gaming (62%). Also, 3 out of every 7 people picked up a new hobby during the period. The survey claims that 1% of the consumers have learnt new skills, 19% have listened to music, while 18% have taken up new hobbies on their phones. Also, one in every three parents depend on their smartphone for their kids’ online education during lockdown.
It also found that 84% of consumers depend on their smartphones, for accessing information on government schemes, weather patterns, and market linkage information for farm produce; 83% of consumers use their phones for content consumption including creating and consuming short-form videos, music and videos and 85% consumers use it for activities like online banking, shopping, and utility bill payment, among others.
When it comes to trends related to smartphones, the survey claims that the top three smartphone features that consumers have started relying more since Covid-19 are camera (61%), battery life (57%) and sound quality (51%). Key areas in which the consumers faced maximum problems were phone overheating (58%), limited screen size (47%) and swift battery drainage (46%). As a result, when it comes to their next smartphone purchase, consumers are said to be looking for smartphones that offer long battery life (54%) and large screen size (53%).

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