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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Samsung launches AirDresser to clean clothes without wash

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Samsung has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of AirDresser. The device will help refresh and revitalise clothes without washing. It is a “solution to some of clothing care’s most wearing problems” Samsung says. Samsung AirDresser has been launched in the UK.
The AirDresser prolongs the period between washes, thus putting less stress on fabrics, particularly delicate materials. “And with the growing trend of people choosing to invest in sustainable, higher-quality garments that will cause less damage to the environment, the AirDresser ensures that garments will last for longer,” the company added.
The device comes in Crystal Mirror colour options and is priced at RRP £1,999 (approx Rs 1,98,000). It will be available on the company’s official website and Harrods from January 23 next year.
The product comes with several features like the Jet Air system and three Air Hangers that are said to freshen clothes by using powerful jets of air to loosen and remove ingrained dust. The Jet Steam technology also sanitises garments to remove bacteria, while the Heatpump Drying dries clothes at a low temperature, thus reducing any worries of shrinkage and heat damage.
It is equipped with deodorizing filters to remove odours from the garments.

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