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Thursday, March 4, 2021

smart fill: Google brings Smartfill feature to Sheets to help automate data entry

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Google is adding a new feature to Sheets. The tech giant has recently updated the service with new features such as new comment UI, offline indicator, Excel support and more. Now, the company is bringing a new Smart Fill feature to the service.
The company has announced this feature via its official blog post and according to the post, the Smart Fill feature uses AI-based text prediction and suggests the auto-fill to users. The post mentions, “Smart Fill for Google Sheets, which detects and learns patterns between columns to intelligently autocomplete data entry”.
Google announced this feature back in June this year and the company was expected to rollout this feature by the end of this year.
Google has confirmed in the blog post that the new Smart Fill feature works in a similar way as the Smart Compose feature in Gmail app helps users write faster and commit less mistakes. Smart Fill also makes the data entry in Sheets easier and faster by automating the entries by analysing the data in the sheet.
The Smartfill feature will be available to essentials, business starters, business standard, business plus, enterprise essentials, enterprise standard, enterprise plus, education, enterprise for education, nonprofits customers and personal Google account users. Also, the feature will be directly available for users without any admin control.

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