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Sony PlayStation 5 launch event apparently set for September 9

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Sony recently started its pre-orders in the US via invites for the PlayStation 5. And now rumors have surfaced on 4Chan and Twitter that Sony may hold a PlayStation event on September 9. This date incidentally completes the 25 years of the first PlayStation going for sale in the US. The leak comes from Twitter user @IronManPS5 who has made previous leaks as well. There is a promo video leaked as well which teases the features that are on the PlayStation 5. Also Read – Sony PlayStation 5 is now available to pre-order via invite in the US

This seems like a logical date, and the console is apparently set to go for sale in late November. This means that Sony will have a two month window for the pre-order period. The 4Chan post hints that the event will apparently see the Japanese company providing a full reveal of the PlayStation 5, including hardware, features, UI system, launch date, and price. PlayStation Now will apparently hit more countries and gameplay for 10 party titles will also be revealed, including Spider-Man Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank, Gran Tourismo 7, Demons Souls, Godfall, and Returnal. We may also see a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West and other games. Also Read – Sony PlayStation 5 pages go live on Flipkart and Amazon India

Sony PlayStation 5: Invite only pre-order

The Sony PlayStation 5 finally went for pre-order in the US, but is invite only. And current PlayStation console users can register on the Sony website to receive an invitation to be able to pre-order the next generation PS5. According to the Sony website, the consoles will only be shipped to US, and will be available in a limited quantity.

Sony advises that those that receive the invite will have to be quick about the ordering process once they receive an invite since pre-order reservations will be taken on the first-come-first-serve basis. To qualify to receive an invite from Sony users need an existing PlayStation Network ID (PSN ID). Sony also mentioned that it will be taking into consideration “previous interests and PlayStation activities” for sending an invite.

The invite will come with instructions on how to place a pre-order. And Sony mentions that getting an invite does not gurantee a pre-order. Besides this there is also a limit to the number of consoles, DualSense controllers and accessories that can be ordered from one PlayStation Network ID. And any orders from non-US addresses will also be cancelled.

New rumors from a Brazilian telecommunications agency suggests that the Sony PS5 is apparently certified for certified Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 standards. This is quite an upgrade over the previous generation of console.

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