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spam calls: How to silence unknown and spam calls on your iPhone

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It’s a problem that almost every mobile phone user faces. Despite the so-called Do Not Disturb apps and other measures in place, spam and unknown callers continue to annoy people on a daily basis. Apple with iOS 13 introduced a feature where you can silence unknown callers and spam calls. While it’s a really sound feature to have on the iPhone, it does have its downside. Apple uses Siri intelligence to allow calls to ring your phone from numbers in Contacts, Mail, and Messages. However, what it fails to do is spot the difference between spam calls and a genuine call from a person who isn’t in your contact list. So a known person who calls you but isn’t in your contact list, you could end up missing that call also. Nevertheless, it is still a handy feature to have and here we will tell you how to activate it.


Swipe down till you find the Phone tab and tap on it


Here you will see an option called Silence Unknown Callers


Turn the Silence Unknown Callers option on

That’s it. These four simple steps can help you silence unknown callers for good on the iPhone. If you don’t want this feature, keep the Silence Unknown Caller option off and you will continue to get all the calls on your iPhone. The feature is there on iOS 14 as well and is slightly tweaked. We tested in the iOS 14 beta and the steps remain the same.

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