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Telegram Will Launch Video Call Feature Soon

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Telegram is undoubtedly WhatsApp’s fiercest rival but, among the many features it integrates, video calls are still missing. Fortunately, it seems that things could change very soon. Four years after the introduction of voice calls, Telegram is about to add a new feature to its messaging service: video calling, telegram video call 2020. Also Read – New Telegram update lets you send up to 2GB files and set profile videos

Telegram Beta brings video calls to Android

The feature, currently only available in Telegram beta, will officially arrive with version 7.0 of the application. If you want to test it immediately on Android. In that case, you can do it by connecting from Microsoft ‘s AppCenter and downloading the APK of the new version. Also Read – Telegram Messenger launches in-app Video Editor on its platform

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As per reports, Telegram’s video calling interface is similar to what other platforms offer. It has an on-screen button to switch between the front and rear cameras, a video toggle, a mute, and a close button. Participants in the smaller window can be swapped with participants in the larger window with one simple tap and check out telegram video call maximum participants at one time. Also Read – WhatsApp Beta for Android gets Animated stickers just like Telegram and Hike

Once you have downloaded the APK, Telegram will ask you to reaccess the service. After that, if one of your contacts has installed version 7.0 of the application. You will be able to start a video call and get the telegram group video call limit. To start a video call through the app, the user needs to tap the three-point button (in the upper right corner). Then, choose between a regular or video call.

As this is a beta, the feature is still not very stable. In fact, many Telegram users have noticed that the audio often comes out of the earpiece during video calls and not from the speaker. Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode is also a little tricky. To make it work, someone needs to tap the back arrow at the top left. This will trigger a pop-up asking for permission “to appear over other apps to play videos in Picture-in-Picture mode”.

The app update also brought support for Android 11 notification bubbles, which have been in testing since July 2020. And, of course, like the video conferencing tool, the feature is still limited to trial versions of the messenger.

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