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The 10 best beat ‘em up games on PC

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One of the easiest ways to grab a gamer’s attention is by sitting them down with a good old fashioned beat ‘em up. The act of picking one’s favorite character and clearing a series of stages by beating down wave after wave of baddies is simple fun. For decades, the beat ‘em up games genre has endured by adopting varied graphical styles, offering deeper combat mechanics, and featuring memorable characters to boot.

Today’s landscape of PC games is practically awash in quality beat ‘em ups. Classic franchises in the genre, such as Double Dragon and Streets of Rage, exist alongside brand new IP’s that adopt the winning ways of those aforementioned greats. Development teams that have been inspired by beat em ups of the past have gone on to create playable homages of their own that keep the genre alive and well. Their commendable work has gifted gamers with amazing titles that would fit comfortably in a retro arcade cabinet. And thankfully, we’ve done a good job of finding 10 of the finest beat ‘em ups that deserve such a top honor.

The beat ‘em ups featured on this list push you from left to right as you dish out vicious beatdowns on countless foes alongside your local/online allies. You’ll end up sinking plenty of hours into these games as you overcome overwhelming threats, eat food off the ground to replenish your health, and restart countless times as you die at the hands of a cheap boss. That last part might sound terrible, but trust us – it’s just a natural part of an incredibly fun genre. To celebrate TechRadar’s PC Gaming Week 2020, enjoy your time with these amazing PC beat ‘em ups and be sure to invite a few friends to the party.

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1. Streets of Rage 4

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