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Monday, January 18, 2021

The 50 Best IoT Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020

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If you think about what is going to be the next industrial revolution, then it is surely going to be the Internet of Things. To automate skills and tasks between the interconnected physical devices, we can not go without IoT and bring radical change in today’s hyper-connected economy. Besides, to transform business and society, IoT can play a vital role in achieving transparency, optimized solutions, and increased productivity. Go through this article to read the best IoT blogs and websites that cover the impeccable performance of IoT in recent years that has created enormous opportunities for the citizens, businesses, and government of any country.

Best IoT Blogs and Websites

The number of IoT websites is enormous, and it is quite impossible to select the one best for you. So, we have taken the initiative to enlist the outstanding IoT blogs available out there that will save a lot of time and help you to stay ahead in the IoT domain.

1. IoT Agenda

It can be easily considered as the best blog that focuses solely on the Internet of Things (IoT). The contents covered by this blog should be followed by all the people who are working in this domain. While it covers all aspects related to IoT, you will find the best IoT solutions to make your life smooth. Besides, it is well organized, and all the contents are accompanied by graphical representation and insights.

IoT Agenda loves to write about security strategies, data governance, privacy policies, and threats. This interesting website also talks about Enterprise IoT and IoT vertical markets. You can also know about the best IoT platforms, Development Environment, Applications, and Softwares available out there and dig deep to enhance your knowledge to a great extent.

2. Arduino blog

Arduino blog is one of the best IoT blogs for the students. Many students love to use Arduino, which is the most used single-board computer to work on a project or develop a prototype. They can gain a significant amount of knowledge from this IoT website. Besides. The number of projects and innovative ideas listed on their site to inspire people in IoT is quite amazing.

It talks about how Arduino boards and can play an important role in developing any IoT project. You will find all the recent developments like IoT cloud remote app and services news on this blog to remain updated. On top of that, If you want to approach IoT from a technical point of view, then this blog can contribute a lot to your journey.

3. DZone IoT Zone

It is a great place to get everything related to the world of the Internet of Things under one umbrella. Most of the IoT enthusiasts, cloud engineers, and developers love this platform to get the IoT news, articles, journals, and trending technologies to stay ahead. Also, students can gain information and enrich their skills by watching tutorials available on this IoT website that can be referred to as the goldmine of IoT.

You will find articles and detailed descriptions covering all the aspects related to this field and understand the terms better. How IoT is generating disruptive technologies will also be highlighted along with other important branches of computer science like AI, ML, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, and integration processes as well in this DZone IoT Zone blog. It comes with project ideas and guidelines to help people diving deep.

4. IBM Blog

You will find the name of IBM in any of the computer science domains. They are one of the leading companies that are working on delivering IoT products and contributing to the developments for introducing sustainable and efficient innovations. It is a great blog to know how edge computing has become important to collect data from the connected devices and can help to add value in your operational strategies.

You can expect to get the best ideas and techniques in this blog offered by one of the biggest companies in IT. It blends AI, Machine Learning, Cloud, and Big data with IoT and puts light on how businesses can take advantage and get the best ROI. IBM Blog does not limit its contents on the core areas only as many posts discuss Industrial IoT as well.

5. IEEE: Internet of things

If you are coming from a computer science or engineering background, then you are surely familiar with the name of IEEE. It is undoubtedly the best source of collecting IoT news and publications when it comes to the authenticity and validity of the information. They have also stated that IEEE IoT is on a mission to make this blog a place to bring all the people working on the various sectors of IoT under the same framework.

You can easily understand that this is a great platform to explore and meet with the leaders of the IoT industry for enhancing your skills. It will help you a lot to go beyond your limits and establish yourself as a strong contender in the job market. The best part is, you will get chances to collaborate and see the world through the lens of technologies, applications, and the Internet.

6. Hackster.io

If you are looking for authentic and quality content, then you consider this blog of the Internet of Things. Hackster.io is backed by a huge community of developers, industry leaders, and working professionals. Its organized environment for representing contents and topics is the main reason behind its popularity, and you will find it easy to understand, pretty straightforward, and relevant to IoT as well.

They try to bring everything within the same frame so that you do not have to waste much time looking for what you need. You will get everything from news, articles, videos, events, workshops, and project ideas. Students can be significantly benefited from this IoT website and change their point of view while approaching the core of IoT.

7. Libelium

Although this can not be considered as a blog, we have put this IoT website as they share a huge amount of Io resources and news from all over the world. Libelium is a leading company serving clients with their cloud and IoT products. Besides, students can also learn the cutting edge technologies and gain knowledge of the popular cloud and IoT platforms as you can find many tutorials on their streams and website.

It identifies and trending issues and explains how we can face the challenges with the help of IoT, which makes it a great place for the professionals. Besides, case studies are also available so that you can relate to real-life problems and generate a solution through the help of the IoT ecosystem and cloud computing.

8. CB Insight

If you want to know about the leading branches of computer science, then you can consider CB Insight, which features the most advanced subjects like Enterprise IT, Down round, and Unicorn tracker alongside AI and CyberSecurity. It represents the insights and opportunities that can be created through the successful implications of cutting-edge techs like IoT. You will find a list of companies that have been benefited and inspire yourself from their journey of digital transformation.

CB Insight also conducts webinars to discuss and bring light on the critical issues, and shares expert intelligence. While you can get information related to IoT, you can also explore their platform that can facilitate the data analyzing process for industries like venture capital, startups, patents, partnerships, and enterprise limiteds.

9. Raspberry Pi blog

Just like Arduino, Raspberry Pi is a popular single-board computer that is used by many people to develop prototypes and work on projects. It is extremely popular among the students due to its low price point and easy manageability. You will get so many project ideas and concepts that can change your technical point of view towards IoT. Besides, posts are accompanied by interesting images and can attract people to a great extent.

It is the official Raspberry Pi blog that proves its authenticity and renders top quality content through a categorized and well-maintained user interface. People of all ages can collect information and all Raspberry Pi news from this one of the best IoT blogs available out there. Besides, they have a huge number of fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

10. Microsoft blog

You will see the name of Microsoft in any branch of Computer Science. Microsoft is one of the leading companies, and you can expect the same quality from this blog. Just like other big players, Microsoft is actively in the IoT domain since the beginning. On top of that, their cloud computing platform, known as Azure, helps the IoT environment to create a bigger impact by creating safer and more resilient solutions for the organizations.

They focus on combining the Azure platform with IoT in this blog a lot. As a result, the complexity of the content can go up to any level to put light on the core areas and opportunities. You will also get the skills required to become an IoT developer, expert opinions, and innovators. Microsoft blog is a great source to collect news of Azure updates, IoT integrations, and IoT security.

11. ReadWrite IoT

It is one of the most active IoT blogs available out there. They have a huge community coming from different industries that include Fintech, Industrial, Startups, and so on. While they ReadWrite IoT solely focuses on the boundless world of the Internet of Things, you will find a notable amount of content covering the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. They are also available on social media streams like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can explore this site to have a look at how the future of the IoT devices will look like and how much positive value they can add to the existing operational strategies and solutions. Product reviews conducted by the professionals are also available alongside the latest developments in this domain. Besides, all the posts of this blog are written by entrepreneurs, specialists, and keynote speakers to make it unique.

12. IoT Council

IoT Council is backed by a team of experts who are dedicated to producing the highest quality content, which sets it apart fro other IoT blogs. Currently, they have 558 members working from different parts of the world coming from various industries. On this website, they all gather to share and exchange opinions, skills, standards, and the best practices to make the most out of IoT technologies, platforms, applications, and services.

You will find white papers which can guide you to design your strategies and achieve your goals on this website. It started its journey back in 2009 and has covered almost every news related to IoT regularly to the followers. Besides, it covers all the IoT events of a calendar year to enable people to plan and join according to their interests.

13. Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog

If you are an IoT enthusiast, then you should be familiar with the name of Bosch. It covers a wide range of industries such as Agriculture, Smartcity, and Industry 4.0. If you want to know what’s happening around the world of the IoT domain, then this is the place you need to check out for collecting news and information. This is developed by experienced individuals and will enable you to approach IoT from a different point of view.

It brings light on designing IoT strategies and implementation. All the latest additions in the digital transformation are covered along with IoT data management, IoT use cases, IoT vendors, IoT building blocks, IoT for cloud and edge computing, and so on. If you are a developer and want to remain ahead, then Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog is what you are looking for.

14. Connected World 

It can be considered as the think tank of the Internet of Things world. This USA based blog site is known for its frequent updates to discuss the impact of IoT technologies in home automation, smart city, and so on. It covers a wide range of sectors and tells how IoT can play an important role in improving the existing process and generate sustainable solutions.
It is a great blog for the entrepreneurs looking for IoT infrastructures to start a digital journey.

Connected World is powered by innovators, technologists, and collaborators. The contents are impressive and stick to the core of IoT. You will get at least two posts per week and follow their social media streams to remain connected and gain an advantage in the hypercompetitive IoT market.

This great blog of IoT is published by the ARM community and comes with frequent updates from all over the world. It combines Cloud computing, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, and IoT and represents how boundless possibilities can be achieved through their posts. It puts effort to inspire people coming from any industry to have a look at how the future will be reshaped and enable them to understand cutting-edge technologies.

You will see everything related to IoT in the ARM Community – IoT blog. Starting from developing IoT projects, managing connected devices, it can go discuss the topics like IoT End-Point AI, IoT connectivity, enabling IIoT, the role of physical security in IoT, and so on. You can also collect enough information on IoT architecture, platform, and services from this IoT website.

16. Reddit IoT Blog

This IoT blog is available on the most popular community, Reddit. It has the highest number of communities, and this blog can be easily considered as one of the most active available out there. You will find IoT news from every corner of the world where people share their opinions, thoughts, and ideas as well to help each other to stay ahead in the field of the Internet of Things.

You can expect to get up to six posts per day while people coming from any background can understand the topics. Reddit IoT Blog follows the characteristics of general Facebook posts to attract people and leave their opinions on it. It is an audience-centric blog, and you will get information about all the latest IoT technologies, services, and platforms on their social media channels.

17. Intel IoT

Just like Microsoft, or IBM, you can expect to hear the name of Intel in every genre of computer science. Intel is the leading technology company and manufactures and distributes the most demanding and best semiconductor chip all over the world. In this IoT blog, they love to discuss their new products, research results, and upcoming technologies to let people remain updated all the time. Besides, it tries to post new topics every week.

Intel IoT is undoubtedly an authentic source to collect news and information as it is maintained by the Intel developers, leading writers, and keynote speakers. The complexity of the posts can go to any extent. It discusses how the future will be reshaped with IoT, next-generation hyper convenient self-services, and how IoT is playing an important role in various industries.

18. ScienceSoft

This blog is dedicated to the CIOs, CTOs, and project managers and highlights the key aspects of IoT that can help any business to emerge and establish a position in the existing blue whale market. It covers a lot of branches of computer science such as IoT in Healthcare, IT Service Management, Image Analysis, Information Security, Infrastructure Management, which makes it unique and a storehouse of gaining knowledge.

Through seven posts per month, ScienceSoft tries to identify business challenges and provides IoT solutions. You will also get brief ideas on industrial IoT, connected products, smart cities, and so on. On top of that, implementation techniques of IoT technologies, policies, and the best practices are often discussed on this blog.

19. Embedded.com

If you are looking for a job in the field of embedded technologies as a system designer or developer, you should follow this blog. You will get a huge number of sample interview questions along with their answers. It can save a significant amount of time for you and help to prepare yourself as a strong contender for the job posts. A lot of IoT news is covered Embedded.com, and graphical representations are often available.

You will find the coding trends, tips & tricks, source code to solve the sample problems, and expert discussions to provide a better overview. All the happenings from the IoT industry are shared on this platform. At the same time, topics like IoT security models, edge computing for IoT, cloud integration for IoT devices, IoT diagnostic tools, and IoT standards are highly emphasized.

20. IoT Evolution

You will get everything from the IoT industry in this one of the leading IoT blogs available out there. When you visit this site for the first time, you will be amazed to see the way of content representation, relevant categories, video gallery, whitepapers, and so on. Besides, IoT Evolution does not come with the blog only; instead, its IoT podcast and magazine are also popular among the people.

You will get the event dates and the list of awards to know about the people who have contributed the most in this domain throughout a calendar year. Many resources are available as the state of IoT industry reports and webinars. Besides, it brings light on the ongoing projects where you can get ideas about smart cities, autonomous vehicles, smart transport edge technologies, and so on.

21. IoT Business News

You can probably get an idea of the content types and the target audience of this blog after having a glimpse of its name. While it covers all the business news, it sticks to the core of IoT if you notice any of the posts. It is a great blog for the M2M and IoT business professionals to get the idea of how IoT can boost the performance, scale up the existing operations, and provide a competitive advantage.

IoT Business News collects all the news from the IoT news to keep people updated. All the contents are relevant to the IoT domain. It highlights IoT security a lot and shares sophisticated posts like how major manufactures like Google, T-Mobile, Silicon Labs are partnering with ioXt Alliance to ensure security.

22. RTInsights

This is a technology blog that covers a wide range of computer science topics. From artificial intelligence, big data to various industry-related news are highlighted. You will understand the impact of IoT and the latest technologies in sectors like manufacturing, retail, health care, financial services, and eCommerce. You can follow this IoT website to know about the best use cases as well.

This blog shares content focusing on the business insights and the real-time analytics of the market KPIs. RTInsights combines IoT with cognitive computing and brings light on how you can incorporate sophisticated technologies to get the best ROI and increase the revenue to a great extent.

23. IoT Analytics

This German company is one of the best of its kind. They share the analytics reports of the market insights to provide a better overview of the performance indicators. Starting from the M2M businesses, they cover Industry 4.0, IT-enabled services, FMCG, and so on. Follow this IoT website to know about the IoT applications and their best use cases.

While they try to post frequently, the quality of the contents remains the primary concerts since the beginning of its journey. Those who are working in the IoT domain can take advantage of this company, as many research reports, articles, Industry news, and IoT analytics are available on their site.

24. Gemalto IoT Blog

This company is situated in Amsterdam, Netherland. It is one of the finest companies when it comes to rendering quality software and IoT technologies. They are in the market for quite a long period now and have already earned the reputation of delivering reliable products to its consumers. You can expect the same from this technology blog that highlights the key concepts of Enterprise Security, Financial Services, IoT, Mobile Software Monetization, and so on.

Gemalto IoT blog promotes IoT technologies by showing how they are adding value to the existing solutions and protecting identities and data for the government. They maintain a massive number of followers on social media streams with frequent updates. You can subscribe to their newsletter to share ideas and get opinions from experts.

25. NetofEverything IoT

It is one of the best IoT blogs, although it is not suitable for the people who are totally new to the concepts of IoT and have not gained basic fundamental knowledge on the technologies. It is maintained by several working professionals, industry leaders, subject-matter experts, and keynote speakers. The contents are sophisticated and relevant to the core of IoT, such as Best Practices in IIoT Cybersecurity, AI behind businesses, AWS IoT SiteWise, and so on.

Unlike other blogs already described above in this list, NetofEverything IoT does not maintain any social media channel. But you can expect to get six posts per day that talks mostly about data communication, IoT infrastructure, IoT power design, latest IoT products, Industrial IoT, Automation, Quality assurance, IoT projects, and so on.

26. IoT Global Network

This blog promotes IoT by displaying how IoT is adding value to the businesses and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs. It collects news from all over the world and shows people how businesses are using IoT for sustainable development and generating revenue by delivering better products at a lower cost. Besides, it showcases all the IoT events on the website.

You will find authoritative reports that point out the issuing body’s philosophy and simply explain the complex issues. IoT Global Network presents the best IoT platforms along with their offers, while the best IoT companies are also covered to enable audiences to make the best choice for them.

27. IIoT World

This website can be your great companion if you are a kind of individual who often get confused about the data transmission mechanism between the wide range of computing, mechanical, and digital devices. Besides, as one of the most active IoT blogs, the IIoT world includes every aspect of industrial IoT as well. It represents how IoT is scaling up the performance of almost all industries.

IIoT World is a platform to connect the SMARTS, where you will get all the industrial technologies, manufacturing companies, sensors, and CXO decision-makers within the same context. Stories, players, trends, and innovations are also covered through a journalistic approach and data analysis to show people how IoT is empowering industries and can help to create disruptions.

28. Seebo’s IoT Blog

Seebo is a technology company situated in San Francisco, California, United States. It is known for delivering Process-Based Artificial Intelligence services to maximize the advantage of business operations. It uses IoT, ML, and AI to solve business problems, generate solutions, and ensure the quality of the services. This blog mainly exposes what they are currently doing and what we can expect in the coming days.

If you are new to this domain of computer science, Seebo’s IoT Blog can be helpful to enable you to understand how IoT platforms can assist to model, simulate, and build smart products and systems. Besides, you will see the impact of IoT when it comes to releasing new products within the shortest time in the market, along with the important news of Industry 4.0, trends, and best practices.

29. IoT Central

This website can be referred to as a platform that connects the IoT community and businesses together. The posts of this website are completely IoT centric, and you can expect to get a ton of IoT discussions. It is an authentic source to know the expert opinions on the latest trends and technologies while the real-life IoT applications are also highlighted so that people can relate with any kind of circumstance.

Although IoT Central is not limited to the IoT domain only, instead, you will get a massive amount of posts that talk about data science, cloud platforms, connectivity, Dev Boards, and AI. It emphasizes IoT Infrastructure, IoT Application Development, IoT Data, and IoT Security to provide insights through the weekly updates.

30. Automated Home

In this era of the Internet of Things, home automation has become quite a phenomenon nowadays. It has become popular due to its easier installation, less complexity, and easier use. Besides, you will not need any wirings or electricity and yet have the advantages of easy fault detection, triggering, and of course, easy mobility. Automated Home is a unique IoT blog if you consider the home automation applications, platforms, devices, and guidings.

It represents the best sellers on popular online marketing platforms or eCommerce like Amazon and eBay to help their readers to choose the best products. New products are also displayed with their features and specifications. On top of that, you will get the tutorials, setup guides, and reviews that authenticate the quality of a particular product.

31. IOTDunia

IoTDunia is an Indian blog where you will get all the IoT news collected from all over the world. The IoT industry is booming for the last few years, and it has become much more challenging for any individual to always remain up to date. If you have a look at this IoT blog, you will notice that something new is released every day or added to the IoT industry as it provides updates frequently, and authenticity is highly emphasized.

IoTDunia can be easily considered as an educational website, and students are their primary target audience. All the posts are accompanied by proper guidelines, graphical representations, a step-by-step guide, and so on. You will also find a great number of tutorials to enhance your knowledge. IoT projects using SBCs like Arduino and Raspberry Pi are also available on this IoT website.

32. IoT Security Foundation

This blog has gained the attention of a huge community through its careful selection of writers and quality content production. You will find all the aspects of the IoT domain covered by this website, while security has always remained their primary concern. They are on a mission to create a framework that will represent guidelines or a framework to maintain the security in the IoT products, applications, and services.

IoT security foundation focuses on the IoT compliances that should be implemented by the governments and help in adapting the IoT technologies. Expert opinions on the various IoT sectors are also displayed along with proper explanations. You will also get information to meet the IoTSF Compliance Framework on this website.

33. Sixgill – Mobile Proximity Platform

This great IoT company from the United States is known for its products automation suite. There are many AI application developers who automate data collection from the Internet of Everything. Sixgill suite helps people to boost the creation of ML-enabled networked device applications. When it comes to simplicity and accelerating developments, this blog can help you to a great extent as many relevant and insightful posts are shared on their site.

You can expect to get tips and tricks from the leading IoE Machine Learning, Data & AI experts. In Sixgill – Mobile Proximity Platform, they emphasize the detection of data anomalies, trends, live-detection methods, and visualization a lot. Besides, how ML and AI are empowering IoT with the help of configurable rules will be highlighted. It also represents a significant amount of IoT assets like sensor data to enable you to work with IoT devices.

34. Internet of Things Consortium – News and Views

The content topics shared by this blog should be pretty clear to you from its name. It can be considered as a place where people can get all news, latest trends, technologies, activities, events, and so on from the IoT industry. If you want to know what is going around home automation, smart cities to connected cars, connected retail and wearables, then the Internet of Things Consortium is surely a strong contender to become your best companion.

It was founded in 2012 to work as a trade association for the IoT marketplace. It connects the global IoT companies in this channel and brings light on the trending IoT issues. You will also get to know the major differences between the established and upcoming IoT trends and technologies. Leading companies can also submit new job openings, and if you are looking for a job in the IoT industry, you should definitely explore their website to know more and discover a chance for you.

35. The Internet Of All Things Blog

One thing that must be said when talking about this blog is, any people visiting their website is going to love the simplicity in content representation, vibrant color, and selection of topics. This Indian company is relatively new and emphasizes IoT and ML a lot. This blog is a part of their goal to become a leading organization in the shortest time. They have already seen a huge growth of followers and the community through this blog.

Unlike other IoT blogs in this list, the Internet Of All Things highlights the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication a lot. People can get M2M and IT product listing directories on this website while you can also expect to get news, developments, views, and research of the IoT domain from all around the world. The dates of IoT conferences and event dates are also listed in a particular section of their website.

36. Smart Magazine

This IoT business blog takes it to the next level when it comes to sharing content that focuses on insights, products, interviews from the industry of IoT. The contents available on the website are categorized in several sections, such as Smart Business, Smart Communication, Smart Lifestyle, Smart Solutions, and Smart Technology. There is a dedicated section for their Smart Partners that describe their work, projects, and research.

If you go through Smart Magazine, you will be amazed to see the variation in the topics. Besides, they do not limit themselves to IoT only; the related topics like cybersecurity, communication channels, Machine to Machine connections, Edge computing, Robotics, Big Data, Cloud, and Data analytics also cover a significant amount of posts on this IoT website. Besides, it discusses how we can improve the operations through productivity, quality, and flexibility.


This is one of the best IoT companies around the world that has already served more than eighty clients and completed 100+ projects. They deliver embedded system designs, Electronics, Circuit Design, and IoT products to their customers. This blog showcases the overview of the projects they have worked on. Each of their posts is accompanied by meaningful images and goes to the deep of the topic to highlight the insights.

Coming from an IoT company, HYPEREDGE blog can be easily considered as one of the best IoT blogs available out there. They are active as well, while twelve posts per day authenticate their availability and engagement with the community. The articles shared on this website are resourceful as they can deliver the actual idea in a simple manner and make it easy to understand.

38. Tracking The Internet of Things

This blog is also known as IoT Australia. As a top-rated IoT blog in Australia and New Zealand, it shares news, views, comment, and information from the IoT domain. Their primary target audience is very specific, although people from all over the world follow this blog to collect the most exciting features of the rapidly developing IoT world. It can be considered as a project to be a forum for all IoT enthusiasts.

It identifies the impact of IoT in our day to day life and represents how important IoT has become in the current era of technology. Tracking The Internet of Things blog tries to keep the developers up to date by posting the latest developments, white papers, and other IoT resources such as guidelines. Besides, you will also find IoT forecasts and facts and the list of events on this blog.

39. IdeaParticles

Just like the Internet of All Things blog that has already been described in this article, IdeaParticles is an Indian IoT company that has already worked with a huge number of companies. They boost the growth of a company by incorporating IoT in marketing, retailing, shipping, and advertising operations. They have designed a unique plan that drives potential audiences to your endpoint and converts them into loyal customers.

It was founded by Ashika Devi and Mayank Panjratan. They talk about how IoT has created an impact on every industry available out there. Besides, IoT’s ability to add great economic value to the global economy and facilitate environmental projects are also highlighted along with many sustainable developments. The posts are written in a simple manner to reach the mass people and enable them to get the overview clearly.

40. IoT World Online

If you are interested enough to explore the world of the Internet of Things, then this is of the great IoT blogs you might be looking for. It will guide you thoroughly to discover the core concepts of the IoT field, where Fundamentals of the IoT will be highly emphasized. It describes the unstoppable journey of this branch of computer science and shows how we are going to get engaged with the IoT technologies in the coming days.

You will get a list of recommended posts to start your journey in the IoT field on the IoT World Online website. They also write IoT product reviews and the guidelines to use a specific product for making the most out of it. You will also find interesting videos covering the core concepts of IoT. If you want to understand the industry-specific role of the IoT technologies, then check this blog.

41. TechProductManagement

This IoT website can be considered as a training site for the IoT Product Managers. It is a unique blog that represents the complexity and challenges while it comes to handling the product stack. Along with this blog, they are also available on Twitter, where you will see an astonishing number of followers. It is dedicated to highlighting the importance of IoT in industries like eCommerce and contributing to the growth of the jobs in this field.

TechProductManagement is maintained by Daniel Elizalde, who is known for his leadership skills to build, monetize, and scale IoT products. He talks about the IoT Decision Framework
that enables people to define, communicate, and drive product vision forward. Besides, you will get an overview of how to Build Sustainable IoT Products, IoT best practices, and emerging technologies to drive innovation.

42. ARC Group – Industrial IoT

Most people out there think the terms IoT and IIoT are the same, and there is nothing much to discover. But to be honest, these two things are not similar if you consider their use and the role in different industries. While IoT is popular in consumer-level devices, IIoT works to connect electronics with industries like oil, gas, power utilities, and healthcare. If you want to know about IIoT, then ARC Group – Industrial IoT blog might be helpful.

This blog emphasizes the risk factors that an IIoT engineer has to face a lot. You will find a lot of posts talking about the manufacturing industry, machine tools, industrial computing, and Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence as well. They cover a wide range of industries, and you will identify the relationship between IoT technologies and other domains like Asset Performance Management, Networks and Fieldbuses, Simulation & Optimization, and so on.

43. IoT Today

This unique IoT website can be considered as an eNewsletter that covers all news from the IoT industry through their posts. It started its journey in 2017 and talks about the future of the IoT industry a lot. The world of IoT is growing rapidly, and it is quite challenging to keep up your pace to remain updated all the time. This blog is a great source to collect information about the best practices, standards, tools, and applications in the IoT domain.

This IoT blog will surely help you to stay ahead as its posts are very much informative, and you will get all the insights at your hand without wasting much time looking here and there. IoT today also shares the product review and divides the products in three segments, which are M2M, IT/Networking, and Consumer. Subscribe to their newsletter to get updates in your email.


This Spanish company offers one of the most interesting IoT blogs available out there. They are in the market for quite a long time and have already served many leading organizations. They are known for serving IoT solutions for companies of any type and adding values to the existing businesses. If you consider the most recent developments in the domain of IoT, then following this blog will be much helpful to get everything under one umbrella.

NEXIONA blog highlights the IoT software that combines the system integration and customized solutions for the manufacturers. You can expect to see a wide range of topics covered in this blog, while Edge Computing & 5G Technology, digitization tools, automation, IoT platforms are highly emphasized. You can also check the ongoing projects of this award-winning IoT company in this blog.

45. IoT India Magazine

This Indian IoT website is a great platform for collecting news on the Internet of Things, Wearables, Smart Devices, and all the aspects of this domain within the same frame. If you are looking to buy IoT devices, you should explore this one of the best IoT blogs considering the huge amount of IoT product reviews it represents on their site. It regularly updates its community and provides insight into the latest IoT technologies right in your hand.

Unlike other blogs described above, IoT India Magazine solely focuses on IoT products. You will get expert opinions and guidelines to make the best use of any IoT product on this IoT magazine. Starting from Smart Gadgets, Home Appliances to Kitchen, Fitness, and Electronics products are covered in this channel as well. It will enable you to make the best choice and value your money while buying an IoT product.

46. Thethings.io BLOG

Thethings.io BLOG Blog is a platform for the developers. If you are working in the field of IoT and want to stay ahead, go through the posts of this IoT website to collect a significant amount of information that comes with related resources and creates new doors of opportunity for you. It is quite fascinating while you are working with IoT technologies, and this blog is something you might be looking for to make your leisure hours more productive.

The topics of this blog are complicated, and it is not often suitable for beginners. Developers and working professionals are their main target audience, and the complexity of the contents can go to any extent. Topics like the Automotive Industry, Chatbots,
Geocoding location, Blockchain, and IoT, Cybersecurity, User Experience with IoT, IoT platforms, IoT for better Privacy and Security are highlighted in this blog.

47. Hackster’s Blog

If you consider the user interface, then it is one of the best IoT blogs available currently. Their content representation is really beautiful, and you will get an overview as soon as you land on their website. It can be considered as an educational platform as well because you will get set up guidelines, tutorials, source codes, circuit design, and descriptive images. It collects all the IoT news, trending topics, and the latest developments from all around the world.

Students can collect project ideas and step-by-step to facilitate their prototypes on the Hackster’s Blog. It connects 200,000 engineers, makers, and hackers through this IoT website. Its goal is to empower people to create internet-connected hardware to solve meaningful issues. Their technology partners and Hackster Live representatives are quite capable of inspiring people so that if you are greedy to learn, this blog will help you to overcome any sort of hurdles.

48. Attify IoT Blog

Attify IoT Blog is a USA based blog that focuses on all the branches of computer science and identifies the major concern to highlight on this website. It is pretty hard to find the topics which are not covered in this blog, although the Internet of Things is highly emphasized. If you get a chance to explore the Attify store, you will see amazing products like IoT exploitation learning kit and training conducted by industry experts.

Attify highlights the security essentials to a great extent. Their exploitation learning kit is the best seller flagship kit, and you can check it out for practical and hands-on security assessments. Besides, the best security practices, Hacking and Exploitation, Mobile Application Security, Firmware Reverse Engineering, IoT Attacks, IoT Bots, and Malwares are also represented on this one of the most active IoT blogs.

49. Covisint IoT Blog

This blog solely focuses on business opportunities and advantages that can be created by incorporating IoT. If you are an entrepreneur, you should go through the posts to get an idea on how to start the digital transformation, select your devices, and deep dive into the field of IoT. It is one of the leading IoT companies from the USA and delivers the top level enterprise-class and user-friendly cloud platform to boost the IoT deployments and developments.

Alongside IoT, you will get a huge number of posts talking about Identity Management (IDM) and B2B collaboration solutions on the Covisint IoT Blog. You will learn the ways to meet your customers’ needs, what is their need and demand, how to secure communication, how to achieve flawless visibility across the enterprise ecosystem. The posts are written in a simple manner and will be fruitful for anyone coming from a nontechnical background.

50. KORE Telematics

KORE Telematics is an M2M and IoT Technology Solutions Company. If you want to deploy IT services, develop operational processes to achieve sustainable outcomes, then you can take their help. It can be considered as the one-stop solution starting from connectivity, security, virtualization to hardware, and location-based services. This blog is nothing but a representation of the IoT analytics, skills, best practices, standards, and incorporation techniques with their followers and customers.

Stay up to date with the KORE’s Internet of Things and all the latest news from the IoT domain by subscribing to this blog. It emphasizes the power of connected data and how it can bring revolution in Industries like Assets, Fleet & Vehicle, Healthcare, and
Life Sciences. Besides, you will get any kind of IoT resources such as webinars, eBooks, infographics, datasheets, case studies, videos, and IoT event list on this IoT website.

Finally, Insights

In this era of IoT, we can already assume how the world is going to change and how important it has become to remain at the edge to get the most out of it. The world is more connected now, analytics has become cheaper, and the way of how we live has been reshaped through the power of IoT and integrated devices. It is not possible to keep pace with the ever-growing IoT field and the technologies around this domain. But the above described IoT blogs can help you to know the best IoT products, latest developments, IoT solutions, and facilitate your journey in this domain by providing IoT resources as well.

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