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Thursday, January 28, 2021

The best Ultrabooks 2020: the best thin and light laptops

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Only the best Ultrabooks can deliver the ultimate combination of style and substance that creative professionals deserve. These thin and light laptops ooze not only in style, touting stunning, svelte chassis, but also in power thanks to the best processors and SSDs under their hoods. Better yet, they have some of the best battery life we’ve seen on laptops, enough to make it through your whole day on a single charge.

Lightweight, powerful and long-lasting, in a package luxurious and attractive enough to become a status symbol of sorts, the best Ultrabooks are perfect for photo and video editing, light 3D design, and writing the next great American novel. And, they’re worth seriously considering if you’re looking to make your next big PC purchase, even though they do cost a bit more than regular laptops. 

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