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Friday, January 22, 2021

This country will help people buy smartphones that can be repaired easily

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The European Commission is on track to introduce a new law that will make it mandatory for gadget makers to disclose how easy or difficult it is to repair them. These include battery replacements and other other parts. The European Commission believes that consumers must have the right to repair their own gadgets. The new rule will be applicable to smartphones, laptops, washing machines, TVs, and lawnmowers.
Interestingly, while the European Commission is trying to enforce the law, France is the first country to go ahead with this proposal and has announced that it will be providing repairability scores to gadgets from January 2021.
As per a report by iFixit, which first spotted the development in a motion for a EU parliament resolution, the new resolution calls for “mandatory labelling on the durability and reparability of a product (expected lifetime, availability of spare parts, etc.)”
The labels will reportedly have a rating out of 10 to help buyers understand how easy or difficult it will be for them to carry out repairs after they have bought the device.
The resolution states that consumers are three times more likely to buy a product if it is labelled as more durable and repairable according to the Commission’s 2018 behavioural study. The EU Commission believes that this information is needed for consumer awareness and fair competition among businesses.
For those unaware, France is also the only country where Apple has to provide free EarPods with iPhone 12 by law. Citing environmental reasons, Apple has trimmed the box contents along with the size of the box with the launch of the new iPhone 12 series phones. But to sell the iPhone 12 series in France, Apple had to provide free earphones. This is because as per the law in France, a smartphone brand needs to provide earphones along with the handset to reduce the exposure of the user’s head to radioelectric emissions.

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