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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

This Xiaomi phone user turned the in-display fingerprint scanner into a camera

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As crazy as it may sound but you can actually try to ‘convert’ the in-display fingerprint sensor of your smartphone into a camera. However, before you think of doing it note that the results of the so-called camera will be terrible as the optical fingerprint sensor is designed to focus till the glass of the display and not anything beyond. Not to forget, using third-party apps to tweak factory settings may sometimes permanently damage the component altogether.
But for the fun of seeing how an optical in-display fingerprint scanner looks for objects, a user posted on Reddit the imaging feed from the fingerprint scanner of his Xiaomi Mi 9T. He used the Activity Launcher app to get access to hidden activities in his phone, as per a report by Android Authority. The user posted a video of the same on Reddit. The video quality from the fingerprint scanner is really bad as expected and of course of very low-resolution.
So, if you are worried about someone spying on you through the in-display fingerprint scanner then this little experiment proves that it will be of little use. However, what’s concerning is that companies allow access to hidden activities so easily and that too by using a third-party app.
If you are simply curious to check out how the optical fingerprint scanner of your phone operates then you may try your luck but note that this trick may not always work. One Reddit user commented, “Download “activity launcher”, search for “fingerprint” and select what I selected on the video. Keep in mind you need an amoled phone with an in display fingerprint.”
Having said that, now you know that optical in-display fingerprint scanners essentially have got a camera lens inside that is made to focus on the display glass above and it’s only job is to check for fingerprints and not selfies.

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