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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad free to play on Android, iOS

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Last year, Ubisoft announced its plans to bring Tom Clancy’s franchise to the mobile platforms. The game is now released for both Android and iOS devices as you read. It’s called Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad and is available for free to download and play. The game is another one of Ubisoft’s RPG games that now brings characters from its popular Tom Clancy’s franchisee. Also Read – Best gaming laptops to play Valorant, PUBG and other competitive multiplayer games

Ubisoft has, in fact, released the game two days prior to the originally announced time. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is now online on both the Google Play and App Stores. The game is free to play but in-game items can be purchased for money. Similar to Call of Duty Mobile, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is also an online game. Players can form their own teams and fight custom 5V5 matches against opponents. Also Read – PUBG Mobile 1.0 अपडेट 8 सितंबर को होगा रोल आउट, जानें क्या होंगे बड़े बदलाव

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Fans of the franchisee will see familiar players from the PC versions of the game. The game is a 5V5 RPG shooter using the Tom Clancy’s setup. Each player will start out with a custom team to defeat the in-game villain UMBRA. As you progress in the campaign mode, you can unlock more abilities, weapons and characters for your team. You can also fight battles with other players online. Also Read – Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 ‘The Forge’ features new Highrise map, Katana operator skill, and more

Tom Clancy’s popular characters are back

Players will be able to team up heroes and villains from Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, The Division, Splinter Cell, H.A.W.X and EndWar in the player-vs-player battle arena. One can battle on iconic battlefields from Tom Clancy’s titles like Brooklyn Bridge (The Division 1), Presidential Plane (Rainbow Six Siege), Death Angel Church (Ghost Recon Wildlands), Detention Facility (Splinter cell Blacklist), and more.

Players can upgrade the weapons for their team members. Additionally, new recruits can be allowed to upgrade their capabilities. One can choose from knives, assault rifles and more to equip team members. Additionally, you can summon airstrikes, focus attacks and more to help your team win the battles. The game requires clever strategies to win matches.

On Android, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is almost a 123MB download. However, post installations, the game downloads an addition 1.5GB data to carry on with the gameplay. Same stands for iOS devices where the App Store download weighs 204MB.

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