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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Twitter makes its easy to access ‘Quote Tweets’

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Twitter has made a new feature change in its design layout this week. The micro-blogging platform lets users get direct access to quote tweets under their tweet. Previously, you had to click on retweet to see both the options which was rather inconvenient. But now, you can click on the quote tweet option to see who has quoted to that particular tweet. Also Read – Twitter rolls out reply limit feature availability to all users

The feature was being tested with the title ‘Retweet with Comments’ but now they seem to have finalised upon the Quote Tweet name for the public roll out. The quote tweet option sits in between the ‘Retweet’ and ‘Like’ option. “Retweets with comments are now called Quote Tweets and they’ve joined the Tweet detail view. Tap into a Tweet, then tap “Quote Tweets” to see them all in one place,” Twitter shared via this tweet. Also Read – Twitter reports security bug in Android, wants users to update app

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Twitter has been making a slew of changes to its interface, as well as the content sharing policies. You might say that adding more elements to the design clutters the space. But as long as the feature makes the product user-friendly, most people will be fine. Also Read – Biggest Bitcoin scam: Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and other major Twitter accounts hacked

Twitter brings reply-limiting feature for all users

Twitter is now offering the reply limit feature to all its users. As you might recall, the feature was in test mode since May this year, when it was available to select users across the globe. But now, Twitter seems confident enough to roll out the feature to everyone on the platform. The option works in three ways; let anyone reply, let only your followers reply or anyone who’s mentioned in the tweet.

The company said the feature is part of the platform’s efforts to give people more control over their conversations on the platform. Twitter thinks that with this feature users can have a healthy conversation on their profile, without having to entertain trolls. Twitter believes having this feature will reduce the amount of cyber abuse of users, and offer a safe digital space keeping trolls away from them.

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