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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Twitter rolls back threaded tweets feature

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It was earlier this year when Twitter had introduced a threaded tweets feature to the platform where replies to a tweet would be threaded similar to how you see replies of other platforms like Reddit. The objective behind this was to make it easier for users to see who commented on a post and to whom they were replying. Also Read – Twitter blue tick verification coming back early 2021 but you could lose your existing tick

Seemingly, the feature was not well received among the Twitterati and the company has decided to roll back the feature. Also Read – Twitter rolls out ‘Fleets’ for all users worldwide

As per Twitter, many of its users posted that they found the threaded tweets feature cumbersome as it made it harder to find conversations and join them. Users also complained that it was not particularly contextual, as to who you are communicating with, and also felt they didn’t have much control over their responses. Also Read – Twitter India introduces Happy Diwali emoji that sparkles in Dark Mode

Regarding the issue, Twitter released a statement that reads, “Your feedback shapes Twitter. We asked and you let us know this reply layout wasn’t it, as it was harder to read and join conversations. So we’ve turned off this format to work on other ways to improve conversations on Twitter.

What this means for Twitter users is that if you now reply to posts you will no longer be able to see your replies in the threaded format.

The company also announced that it’s turning off its beta app called twttr which was designed to experiment on the threaded replies format. Existing twttr users will lose their access for now but the company says it’ll work on the feature to improve it.

At the moment it is not clear whether Twitter will be reworking the treated conversations feature on its platform or introduce an entirely new system for users to reply.

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