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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Watch: A closer look at what Apple’s special Face Mask looks like

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A few weeks back it was reported that Apple has designed special face masks for its corporate and retail employees. Now, a YouTube channel called Unbox Therapy has unboxed the mask and given a closer look at what the mask looks like.
In the video, you can see that every box comes with five sealed masks and adapters that can be used to join the ear loops for a secure fit. There are instructions written on the box which tell users to wash their hands, how to open the mask and how one can adjust the straps to fit mask securely.

Just like is the case with Apple’s products, the mask has “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China” message on the box. What’s interesting is that each mask box seems to have a serial number and a production date written on the it.
While Apple hasn’t revealed what’s the fabric used for the mask, Unbox Therapy video tells us that it is made of three pieces of better quality fabric. Apple hasn’t specified whether it is an N95 mask or any other classification rating. However, a report by Apple Insider states that “anecdotal testing finds the membrane effective at blocking air moving out of a user’s mouth.”
The mask reportedly comes in different sizes and is washable up to five times. Since it’s not clear whether the mask will be sold to consumers, there is no pricing details available. As it was reported earlier, the mask is meant for Apple retail and corporate employees only as of now.
The mask has been designed by Apple’s engineering and industrial design team — the same group that works on designing Apple’s products across its wide portfolio. Earlier this year, Apple had also designed special face shields, which were delivered to healthcare professionals and frontline workers in the fight against coronavirus pandemic.

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