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Friday, January 22, 2021

watch dogs legion: Watch Dogs: Legion available at 25% off on Epic Games Store

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The latest Watch Dogs game, Watch Dogs: Legion, is available at 25% on Epic Games Store. The 25% discount has brought down the game price from Rs 2,999 to Rs 2,249.25. The offer stands till December 3 9.30PM.
In Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll play as a member of The Resistance, a group that is trying to take back the city of London from the oppression of several powerful groups. There are four of them: Organised Crime, The Futurists, Private Military and S.I.R.S.
There are three ways you can play the game: hack London’s tech infrastructure with the help of drones and bots, commence assault like the true blue soldier using weapons or use stealth methods like an AR invisibility cloak.
You can play as anyone from the entire London population in the game, so character choices in that matter are plenty. As per Ubisoft, you can “recruit anyone from an MI5 agent to an illegal street-racer”. You can also customise the look of the character with new outfits and masks and personalise each member in the resistance with specific skill sets.
Watch Dogs games are known for the major part hacking and things related to it play in the game storylines. The first Watch Dogs game came out in 2014.

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