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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Why Apple may be ‘regretting’ giving over 1 lakh iPhones, iPads and Watches to this recycling company

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Tech giant Apple has sued recycling firm GEEP Canada, its former partner, for allegedly stealing and reselling at least 1,03,845 iPhones, iPads and Watches, as per a report by The Logic. The Canada-based company was hired to dismantle and recycle these Apple devices. The company denies the allegations but admits to the fact that there was a theft and claims that three of its own employees stole the devices on their own behalf. Apple has reportedly countered this by saying that these employees are at senior-management positions in the recycling firm.
According to the report, Apple shipped GEEP Canada, now under Quantum LifeCycle Partners, 531,966 iPhones, 25,673 iPads and 19,277 Apple Watches in the period from January 2015 and December 2017. Apple, during the audit of the GEEP warehouse, reportedly discovered that some of its devices were not under scrutiny of security cameras.
After a serial number check of all devices, the Cupertino-based tech giant found that some 18% (or 1,03,845) of the devices had been active on the internet via cellular networks. The aforementioned number does not include the non-LTE devices or the devices without a carrier network, so it is possible that a higher number of devices could have been found working at that time.
“At least 11,766 pounds of Apple devices left GEEP’s premises without being destroyed – a fact that GEEP itself confirmed,” Apple has reportedly said in the lawsuit.
According to the company, reselling these devices was not OK as they didn’t meet Apple’s quality or safety standards. “Products sent for recycling are no longer adequate to sell to consumers and if they are rebuilt with counterfeit parts they could cause serious safety issues, including electrical or battery defects,” the company told The Verge.
Apple filed the complaint in January 2020, but it reportedly knew about the thefts since they were discovered between 2017 and 2018. The company is said to have not worked with GEEP Canada since.

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