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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Why buying Pixel 4a makes more sense for Google phone fans in India

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Google Pixel range of smartphones is known for its superior camera capabilities along with the pure Android experience. However, Pixel fans in India have limited choice as the latest flagship Pixel 5 along with the Pixel 4, 4 XL never made it to India. So, the new Pixel 4a is the only option. But with the new Google Photos announcement, buying the Pixel 4a may make more sense now.
Google has announced that its Photos app will soon no longer offer unlimited free photos and videos backup at ‘high quality’. You will have to pay for storage starting June 2021 once you cross the 15GB limit on your Google account.
However, Google said that those using any Pixel smartphone–Pixel 1 to 5– will continue to get unlimited ‘high quality’ backup on the Photos app and this new announcement will not impact current Pixel users.
Now, Google has confirmed that future Pixel phones will not get the same privilege. Starting with the Pixel 5a or the next Pixel smartphone, Google will no longer offer unlimited storage on Photos app in any form. So, one of the key USPs of buying a Pixel smartphone will no longer exist from next year. No matter how good the camera of the next Pixel phone may be, you will have to pay for storing those photos like any other non-Pixel smartphone user.
So, it turns out that if you wish to continue the privilege of having unlimited ‘high quality’ storage on Photos app, opting for the new Pixel 4a is your best bet in India.
Google may run some promotional offers for limited period unlimited Photos storage for future Pixel phones but Google just killed one of the biggest advantages of owning a Pixel phone.

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