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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Windows 10 gets new emoji features, improved voice typing

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Windows 10 is getting a host of new features and the biggest of them is related to the virtual keyboard. Microsoft is making changes to the keyboard layout and adds a whole new set of options that are long overdue. The improved keyboard layout also looks to change the experience of using the touch keyboard. This is likely to target Surface devices and Windows notebooks with a touch display. Also Read – New bug in Windows 10 can harm SSDs; Here’s how to fix it

The layout also makes sure users will find typing on the touch keyboard easier and the use of the cursor is also intuitive. Windows 10 will let you scroll up and down with the cursor by holding to the space bar on the touch keyboard. But it’s hard to focus on the keyboard without improving on emojis these days. Which is why Microsoft is adding a new set of emojis and an easier way to access them. You’ll also be able to search for an emoji, GIF under the same interface. This is similar to how it works on mobile devices. Also Read – Google is bringing Windows apps to Chromebook

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And finally, Voice Typing gets a new lease of life on the touch keyboard. Not only is Microsoft changing the layout of the feature, but the experience is also going to see a vast improvement. The company says voice typing will become reliable on Windows 10. So when are you getting these features? Right now, Microsoft is testing them out with select developers part of the Windows Insider program this week. And for everyone else, the update should be expected sometime next year. Also Read – Samsung Exynos processor could power Windows PCs soon

Windows 10 PCs to support Android apps very soon

Microsoft is also making changes to the Your Phone app for Windows 10. Through the app, Windows 10 PCs will also be able to launch the Android apps running on the phone. This feature is coming to Your Phone app very soon, but you’ll only be able to use it with Samsung Galaxy phones. With the new update to the app, Microsoft is bringing its partnered experience to Samsung users. The feature will work across a wide range of Galaxy devices from the Galaxy S20 to the Galaxy A30 in the lineup.

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