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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Xbox Series X, Series S go on sale from today in India

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Microsoft is going all out with the new Xbox consoles and safe to say, it looks promising indeed. The Series X brings a lot of new gaming goodies to the table while the Series S makes next-gen console gaming more accessible to the masses. Both the consoles are going on sale from today across various online retailers as well as offline retailers. You can head over to Flipkart, Amazon, Reliance Digital, and other offline retailers to make your purchase. Also Read – Xbox Series S game installation space revealed: You may need to buy storage expansion

The Xbox Series X is the flagship gaming console this year with some new stuff to entice gamers. For starters, the Series X comes with Microsoft’s promising Quick Resume feature as well as faster game loading times. The Series S brings most of the Series X features at an affordable price, compromising on gameplay quality a little. If you love gaming and are in a fix as to whether choose a new Xbox or go for an entry-level gaming PC, we are here to help. Also Read – Apple TV and Streaming Apps are Coming on Microsoft’s Xbox Consoles on November 10

Xbox Series X, Series S: 5 reasons to consider it

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1.The Xbox Series X is affordable, given what it packs inside. At Rs 50,000, the Series X console offers 4K gaming, which is something no other gaming PC at this price can achieve. In fact, the Series S at Rs 34,990 offers similar levels of gaming at a price where it is difficult to find a gaming PC.

2. The Series X offers ray tracing gaming, something that you can only find on gaming PCs, costing above Rs 1 lakh. Ray tracing is the next big thing in the world of gaming, completely changing the way we look at console gaming. It delivers notable improvements in graphics performance as well as perceived visual quality.

3. Microsoft is using faster SSD storage in the Xbox Series S and Series X, This means that game loading times are on par with what you expect from purpose-built gaming rigs. Moreover, the new consoles feature Quick Resume that leaves the game in the background and lets you get back on it from where you left – all without saving it.

4. The Xbox controller itself has received a minor upgrade with a new Share button. However, you can expect better haptic feedback with all the games. Haptic feedback helps a lot to deliver a good gaming experience.

5. For what these consoles cost, the Xbox Series X and Series S can let you play the latest titles with ease. Hence, if you are buying it now, the new Xbox consoles will let you play the latest titles such as Assasin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion.

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