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Xiaomi launches ‘environment-friendly’ T-shirts – Times of India

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Xiaomi India has launched Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt. The company claims that the same is made of environment-friendly clothing, exclusively made in India for fitness enthusiasts. Each T-shirt is said to be made from 12 recycled PET bottles collected from different parts of the country.
According to the company, the T-shirts are made with the yarn that consumes just 10 liters of water for recycling every kilogram of plastic yarn as compared to a normal cotton T-shirt which takes about 23,000 liters of water to process the same. “The T-Shirt also saves up to 70% of carbon emission in comparison to a regular cotton t-shirt and comes with tags embedded with holy basil seeds which can be sown,” said the company in a statement. Mi Eco-Active T-Shirt comes in a canister packaging which can be used as a pot for sowing those tag seeds.
“Mi Eco-Active T-Shirts are soft, skin friendly and odour free. The recyclable polyester material of the T-Shirt also acts as a quick moisture absorbent, making sure that your T-Shirt is relatively dry even during your intense workout sessions,” added the statement.

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