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Xiaomi phones start getting 5G messaging feature

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Earlier this year, a consortium of some smartphone manufacturers met at an event to discuss 5G messaging. This technology is supposed to succeed the SMS messaging with more advanced multimedia features. While the commercial rollout was planned for June 2020, sources have now started reporting its arrival. In China, a couple of Xiaomi smartphones have already started getting 5G messaging service. Also Read – Xiaomi Redmi 9 India launch confirmed for August 27: Expected price, features, specifications

The report comes from GizChina, stating that a few Xiaomi users have noticed the arrival of 5G messaging. It is still a part of the phased rollout and a widespread release is yet to happen. As of now, there’s no information on which phones will get the feature first. However, those phones that see the option can now enjoy rich media texting on their Xiaomi smartphones. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi Precision Screwdriver kit now available for everyone on mi.com in India

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5G messaging essentially is an evolution of SMS technology. In an age of advanced instant messaging apps, SMS seems archaic. The character limit and the inability to send media files has rendered it almost useless. Most users instead go for apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram for easier testing experiences. iPhone users have an added advantage of iMessage. Also Read – Xiaomi Redmi 8A gets Android 10 stable update in India without MIUI 12

5G messaging is a lot like Apple’s iMessage. When enabled, it removes the character limit from messages. However, users can do more than just photos and media files via this service. The service can directly communicate with chat robots such as and offer conveniences such as buying tickets, checking logistics, paying fees, service search, discovery, interaction, and payments.

How to use 5G messaging?

As stated, the technology is currently available in China and that too on select Xiaomi smartphones. It will roll out gradually to more users in China and eventually come to other countries. One of the major requirements with 5G messaging is network capability. Despite its name suggesting otherwise, it relies on a modern-day fast network. Hence, your phone needs to be hooked to 4G and 5G networks.

As and when the technology comes to other countries, a majority of global smartphone makers will offer it. Based on the number of brands that attended the press conference, only smartphones from Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, ZTE, Lenovo ad Meizu.

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