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You may have to pay for some features on Google Photos

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Google Photos is quite a popular app not just on Android phones but on iPhones as well. Without chipping away at the storage of a smartphone, Google Photos comes in handy to keep your images and videos safe for free. However, a report now suggests that users might have to shell out some money to use some features on Google Photos.
According to a report by XDA Developers, certain editing features on Google Photos may become paid and only for Google One subscribers. XDA Developers did a teardown of the latest version (5.18) of the Google Photos app and found out that Google One paywall may be introduced for some editing features. The report says that Colour Pop feature on Google Photos could be one of them for which users have to pay. The report attached screenshots sent to them by a reader where it clearly shows that to use Colour Pop, Google was pushing paid Google One subscription.
Google clarified this in a statement to Engadget and said that the feature will require Google One membership if users attempt to apply the feature to photos lacking depth information. “In Google Photos, colour pop is a feature that continues to be available for anyone to use, at no cost, for photos with depth information (such as portrait mode). As a part of an ongoing rollout that began earlier this year, Google One members can apply the feature to even more photos of people, including those without depth information.” In other words, colour pop will remain free but users will have to pay for ‘some’ photos.
The app teardown by XDA Developers has suggested that extra editing features are coming to Google Photos but may be reserved fro Google One members only. The teardown also revealed that Google One members will get to use more features than those who aren’t a part of Google’s subscription service.

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