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Your Android phone runs on this version? Upgrade it right now

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There are millions of Android users around the world and the number is growing by many folds with every passing day. There are two kinds of smartphone buyers today — one who keeps up with the latest trends while the second who stick to their old phones for years. If you belong to the second group of people it’s time to either upgrade your Android phone to the latest software version or buy a new smartphone without any delay. Also Read – Android Security Patch: गूगल ने पिक्सल स्मार्टफोन के लिए जारी किया सिक्योरिटी पैच

As per media reports, Android smartphones running on software version 7.1 or older will need to upgrade to the latest software version to be able to browse the internet smoothly. This is the result of the expiring partnership between the certificate authority Let’s Encrypt and the Certificate Authority IdenTrust. Also Read – [Update] PUBG Mobile not blocked in India yet: You can still play it on Android devices

Currently, there are around 66.2 per cent of Android phones are currently running version 7.1 or above versions while the remaining 33.8 per cent are said to start getting certificate errors whenever users browse websites that have a Let’s Encrypt certificate. Also Read – Nokia 5.3 फोन Google के लेटेस्ट Android 11 OS के साथ Geekbench पर हुआ स्पॉट

For the unware, Lets Encrypt is one of the leading certificate authorities and around 30 per cent of the web domains are said to use the certifications provided by the company. The partnership will reportedly expire on September 1, 2021 — nearly a year from now.

Other media reports suggest that the certificate authority Let’s Encrypt and the Certificate Authority IdenTrust have no plans to renew the partnership and that makes it even more important for you to upgrade to the latest software version. The key issue will revolve around accessing any secure websites, in other words, once the partnership expires you will not be able to open any website with the certification on the web browser of your phone.

After the cross-signature from IdenTrust Lets Encrypt stated in an official blogpost that its “DST Root X3” had been used for a very long time. The blogpost mentioned, “All the major software platforms trusted it already: Windows, Firefox, macOS, Android, iOS, and a variety of Linux distributions. That cross-signature allowed us to start issuing certificates right away and have them be useful to a lot of people.” As per some reports suggest that Lets Encrypt has issued its own root certificate “ISRG Root X1” and has applied for it so that major software platforms can trust it.

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