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ZTE may beat Xiaomi to first under-display camera

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Xiaomi has unveiled its third generation of under-cameras and has promised that the technology will soon be coming to the mass market next year. Although the brand’s first and second versions have been the topic of discussion for long now, we are yet to see the under-display camera in action in a phone from any brand yet. Also Read – Xiaomi Mi 9 SE receives MIUI 12 update in China

As per the company, the latest version of the under-display technology works by allowing the front-facing camera to see through the gaps in the display sub-pixels, which are the red, green, and blue dots that come together to make each individual pixel. The brand makes sure that the area of screen above the camera has the same pixel density and that helps make the perfect “disguise”. However, Xiaomi had mentioned that the selfie camera itself had to match the performance and quality of modern front camera sensors. Also Read – Xiaomi unveils third-gen under-display camera technology, will launch with 2021 phones

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Xiaomi’s blog post doesn’t mention whether the panel in use above the camera is an LCD or OLED panel. Despite the brand claiming that the camera is disguised perfectly when not in use, there still appears to be a small square shadow visible below the display. As pointed out by The Verge, this shadow is visible at the 0:29 mark in the promotional video. Also Read – Xiaomi Redmi 9i could be rebadged model of global Redmi 9A for India, reportedly launching soon

Smartphone companies have been teasing under-display cameras for a little while now. Brands like Xiaomi and Oppo have both brought the tech to life last year in June. Oppo showed off a working prototype that month at MWC Shanghai. However, the tech wasn’t perfected at the time and the camera area on the screen appeared more pixelated than the rest of the screen.

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE receives MIUI 12 update in China

ZTE may beat Xiaomi with first under-display camera phone

Though Xiaomi has since made a bunch of improvements in the tech, it may not end up being the first brand to commercially launch a phone with an under-display fingerprint sensor. Smartphone brand ZTE earlier announced this month that the company will be announcing the first smartphone with the tech on September 1. This could be the ZTE Axon 20 5G. However, it is unknown as of now if the device will launch outside of China.

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